“You, are the sundering earth.
A calm visage rent with rage and unknowable thunder.
Throw up your mountains as you wish.
I’ll be here at the tremor’s end.”


13615107_10210425726265169_553717580983533823_nGrasshopper Nation in Land O’Lakes, WI (CNF2016)

Be A Warrior

“You can’t be a victim. You have to be a warrior. In your story, you only have room to be one or the other. If you succumb to your problems, you cannot unleash the tremendous potential that you harness inside of you. Get back up! Fight on.”


11403236_10207237795848901_1626279315470303789_nAmazonian Highlands of Cusco, Peru (CNF2015)

Grab Love You Find

“When you find love, you take it. You grab it with both hands and you do everything in your power not to let it go. You can’t just walk away from it and expect it to linger until you’re ready for it.”

— Colleen Hoover

13310369_10204816355648663_3920500785690043600_nPicture taken in Land O’Lakes, WI: CFattal 2016

So That You Will Hear Me…


So that you will hear me…

Because my words grow thin,

Like the footprints of seagulls upon the beaches.

Like the lines drawn in my books, between science and reason.

Between faith and believing in my life’s season.

I hear the ship whistle for my next adventure,

My hands shake – too fearful to wave “goodbye” for my departure.

But with each step, my fear falls away with the distance.

The fear clings to my old sufferings like ivy vines.

They climb their way upon my perplexing walls.

And who is to blame for their choking and enthrall?

Although, the darkened cave surrounds me no more.

For love fills up everything, everything within me, I assure.

Before I had learned to love, before I learned to depart from the solitude,

I was accompanied by sadness and selfish endeavors.

Now, my heart sings to be free and to live for others;

Not just living for me.

Can you hear me?

I want you to hear me.

The wind of agony still drags me,

Yes, it happens from time to time.

Sometimes, I let the hurricanes rage and overthrow me.

However, dreams overthrow them greater, with more power and fortitudinous grace.

In my painful voice, I know that you can hear my voice;

My cries; my triumph over fear.

Lament no more of old words, of old hatreds, of old agonies, of old exigencies.

Because the time has come to forgive and to let go.

Love yourself – love others.

Don’t forsake yourself in the journey.

Follow adventure, on this wave of expectancy.

For my words have been stained by the love for the future

And finding that future.

For you are the only one who can occupy the rooms of your very soul

For you decide what leaves and what enters – everything that goes,

You occupy everything in your life.

So, make the choice of where you are to go next.

For me, I hear an endless noise of whistles, horns, and jets propelling me forward.

For your life is in your hands,

Will you have the courage to say “goodbye?”

Uncover your ears, so that you can hear me.

-Inspired By: Pablo Neruda