Chelsey Fattal
Durham, NC

Bio: I'm a North Carolina native with a deep appreciation for science and complexity of water. Growing up in the most beautifully natural state in the United States (in my very biased opinion), I had frequented the awe-inspiring hydroscapes that I would soon hope to devote my studies. I had marveled at the all-encompassing compound constituting 97% of our Earth's surface area and 57% of our human bodies. Consequently, this unerring curiosity morphed into a more profound desire to seek advanced studies of it as a doctoral student. And thanks to Chapter 17 of Henry David Thoreau's seminal book, "Walden" (1854), I had stumbled upon the perfect summary of what I'd hope to impart onto others about my love for nature and the environments that support us: "The earth is not a mere fragment of dead history, stratum upon stratum like the leaves of a book, but it's living poetry like the leaves of a tree – it's not a fossil earth, but a living earth."

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