A Portrait Painted By Anxiety

At the most inconvenient times, thoughts swarm my mind and gnaw at my very being. My worries go far beyond exams, groceries, or having a social life —  you know, the actual “important things one must worry about.”

Instead, my anxiety characterizes itself as painful memories that persist without fail. Some of which have occurred (past tense)more than years ago, and even today, they still rob my attention and hinder me from truly enjoying life. “Why?” you may ask. Because I let them.

Having the ability to reminisce is a beautiful thing.

As I get older, however, I allow some thoughts to define who I am and imprison me in who I once was — holding me back from a more beautiful future.

In fact, anxious thoughts can hinder me [or any of us, for that matter] from a successful life and moving forward. If we do that, we can individually hinder ourselves in the present and harm our futures.

The world is a complex place and deciphering it is hard to do. We must strive to discipline our minds and focus, instead, on living our lives to the fullest.

Article Inspired by: Taylor Christopher Brown



Featured Photo Credit: Unknown


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