A Portrait Painted By Anxiety

At the most inconvenient times, I have persisting thoughts that swim around my mind, which go far beyond worrying about exams, paying for groceries, or having a social life. No, instead, they are piercing memories; incidents that happened a year ago that sometimes, robs my attention from enjoying today.

Having the ability to reminisce is a beautiful thing. On the other hand, I allow these memories to define who I am as a person. Even as I get older and transition into new life positions–from college to graduate school, to a new relationship, to a new job– I may let the thought of who I once was, imprison me and hold me back.

In fact, anxious thoughts can hinder any of us from a successful life and moving forward. If we do that, we can individually hinder ourselves in the present and harm our futures. Yes, the world is a complex place, and deciphering it is hard to ignore, but we must strive to discipline our minds to focus on living our lives in the moment.


Article Inspired by: Taylor Christopher Brown

words painted by anxiety.jpg


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